Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy Learning - Admin module screenshots.

Our Easy Learning is started getting significant number of visitors in very short span.

So, I think many people will be requiring similar products for promoting their website or blog.

And therefore, I am planning to sell the Easy learning to people who want to use it for getting more web site visitors.

You can see the Admin module screenshots here.

Contact if you want to have this for your website also.
I don't want to set any fixed price for this product. So, remember to mention your quote/price.

Note that buying this product won't give you exclusive right for this product. We will be continuing to sell this for others also. But we will be selling to very limited people only.

So, every one will not get this product even if they are willing to pay the price.

I will be considering below factors.

- Quote/Price
- Website where you are going to use this product.
- When you send the Quote
- List of Topics that you are going to create.

Our Team will help you to set-up this product and even we will help you to create the topics and data if you find any difficulty in using our bulk upload feature.

And, if you want to make any custom changes we will do it for you. Even you can contact us for any other projects also.

You can use this product as a Sales and Marketing Tool. For example, Software Testing topic in our Easy Learning increases sales of our eBook about software testing and QTP automation.

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