Saturday, June 5, 2010

Enhancement of our Social Bookmarking and News Site

We are continuously working hard to release new features and improving our Social Bookmarking and News site.

Find below the list of changes done recently.

  • Added Menu page for the Easy Learning.

  • Added Email validation for verifying the From and To Email addresses entered in email Form appearing after completing the Easy learning.

  • Updated the Easy Learning code for truncating the lengthy sentences selectively based on whether it has HTML tags in first few characters. This feature will help us to create new topics with more HTML content without affecting the current pure Text based topics.

  • Updated the Quiz for allowing the users to see their previous quiz results and made some enhancements in Admin side reporting

  • Allowed the Users to edit their previous comments in News Display page. And, used converted the comment adding module using Ajax to avoid page refresh when adding comments. And added some features to allow the Admin to edit the links and comments of all users easily.

  • Created code for generating RSS feeds. Provided links for RSS Feeds in Home page and in a separate page also.

  • Updated our forum to show "AddThis" Social bookmarking Share buttons for allowing the users to easily Share their favorite forum posts

  • Updated the home page so that the FireFox will detect our RSS feed URL automatically and will show the RSS feed icon in the right side end of the browser address bar

  • Updated the Links page so as to hide links from few categories such as Jobs.

  • And, Links page is updated to have an option for directly going to the original article without going to the News displaying page. The direct link is provided to the favicons in the Links page

And, we are having many plans in pipeline for improving our Social Bookmarking and News site.

If you are having any suggestions you can share thro' comments.

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