Friday, June 11, 2010

Inventory Control System - Mange products, customers, invoice and Reports.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are working on to release many useful digital products for reasonable price.

Today I am going to introduce our "Inventory Control System".

You can see the details here.

Free Demo is available here.

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This initial version is having very basic features only. So the price will be less.
If you want to make any further changes and new feature, we will do it for additional cost.

Read here the benefits of doing your projects with us.

Find below the key features of this "Inventory Control System".

  • User Registration/Sign up

  • Login with option for specifying branch of office.

  • New Customer Registration.

  • Customer list with Search facility.

  • Sales order form - It has the inerface similar to Windows based applications.
    You you either select the existing customer or add new customer details while preparing Sales Order.

  • Sales order list with pagination and Search facility.

  • Repairing module specific for Service Unit.

  • Demand requistion.

  • Daily expensese management module.

  • Report module.

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