Thursday, June 10, 2010

Introductory offer for our products.

Currently we are selling our eBook about Software Testing & QTP Automation for 12$ and Time Sheet for 15$.

And, working on to release many useful tools.

I am planning to sell source code (php/mysql) of our Quiz program which gives lot of traffic to achieve rapid improvement in Alexa ranking of our new Social Bookmarking and News site.

Read more about our Quiz here.

It is having Admin module for managing quiz questions.

You can attend the quiz at (It is integrated with our Forum)

If you want to buy source code of this quiz program contact me . Specify "Quiz Sales" as Subject in your email.

Few days back I have announced about selling Stock-Based News Reader

Specify "Stock News Reader Sales" as Subject in your email for buying the source code of this tool.

And, specify "Easy learning Sales" as Subject in your email for buying the source code of easy learning.

As an Introductory offer I am planning to keep price as minimum for all our products for few weeks.

Subscribe to our blog feed to read about announcement of our coming products.

And, we can help you to set up the coding if you face any difficulty in doing set-up.

And if you need any custom changes in any product we will do it for additional cost.

Send all your queries about our products to

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