Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knowledge Base for Web Developers in our Forum

I have created separate forum topic "Knowledge Base" for sharing knowledge in web development using php, mysql, javascript, html, ajax and any other Software & Web development related things.

I am planning to use this forum as an effective way for improving performance of our Team.

All our Team members will be keeping note of what they are learning daily and any issues faced by them. So, it will help them to get further details or resolution for their issues from other Team members. And everyone can learn from the knowledge base entry done by others.

So, it will help to improve the spirit of Team work and will help to reduce any learning and development time which will ultimately help us to quote comparatively less price for our Customers.

You can read here the benefits of outsourcing your projects to us.

And, we are keeping this knowledge base accessible for public use also. So, anyone can read the knowledge base and they can answer for any unanswered questions.

Since it is accessible for public, our Team is taking additional care for not sharing any sensitive/privacy information about our projects/clients.

So, if you are a beginner you can learning many things from experience of our Team thro' this knowledgebase.

And, if you are an expert you will find lot of unanswered questions for showing your expertise. Since our site Alexa ranking is getting improved rapidly, you will get a chance to show your expertise to huge audience. It will help you get lot of good opportunities for making use of your talents.

Please feel free to contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail) if you find any issue in this system and you can share your suggestions to improve it further.

Now you can start sharing your knowledge.

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