Thursday, June 17, 2010

Initial version of Web-based Stock News Reader

As I mentioned in my previous announcement we have started working on converting the Stock News Reader into web based application.

You can see the initial version of web-based Stock News Reader here.

It is being developed using php and mysql.

It is very simple and initial version, we will be continuing to work on releasing new features frequently.

Currently it will behave like this,

-It will just show the News for a random stock if you haven't logged in our Forum.

-If you login with our Forum, you will be having an option to store number of stock symbols. And, you will see News for your stored list of stock symbols.

- You can change your stock list at any time easily.

I hope it will be more flexible than VC++ version.

Currently it is just reading the finance news from RSS feed of Yahoo finance site only. We are planning to combine Finance news from many sources in future.

We are trying to make our Forum login as single sign-on or passport for all our current features (Quiz, Bookmarking, free downloads, and News reader) and coming features.

And therefore, we are having plans to allow only limited number of Forum members.
Our Moderator Team is working on to remove already registered Forum members who appear to be spammers.

I welcome your suggestions for improving our products and you can inform your wish list thro' comment section or you can sent email to me at

And, feel free to report any issues/difficulties you face with our products.

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