Tuesday, July 6, 2010

eBay Classified Ads useful for selling Digital products.

We can not sell any digital products such as eBook directly on eBay.com website.

eBay has made this restriction for avoiding any copyright issue with the digital products

But it provides other options such as eBay Classified Ads and Classifieds sites for advertising the digital products.

Displaying advertisements in eBay Classifieds sites is Free. But it will be displayed only in specific location only. i-e similar to craiglist.

In India eBay classifieds site is called as quickr.

Using eBay Classified Ads we can advertise the digital products in "Everything Else" category.

The insertion fees for showing this Classified Ads for 30 days is $9.95.

I have created an advertisement for selling our Time Sheet and other products such as eBook in eBay.

It seems eBay classifieds ads is better than PPC ads (e.g Google Adwords). Because the price for the advertisement will not be affected by the Fraud clicks.

If you are using both Google Adwords and eBay Classified Ads, you can share your thoughts thro' the comment section.

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Jane Mountrose said...

I'd like to explore this idea and clicked on the link to your classified ad, but ebay said it expired. Do you have a new one I can see?

Automation Software said...

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