Saturday, September 18, 2010

Developing Search Engine Keyword Position Finder

In my previous post I had explained about developing a script for bringing traffic.

And, we can do lot of on-page and off-page optimizations to get better search rank/position. I will talk about them in separate post.

Many webmasters outsource the SEO task to other people/companies. So, it is necessary to track the progress. i-e we should know the position of particular link/url in particular Search search for the specified Keyword.

For example, if I want to promote our ebook sales page I can ask our SEO team to promote it using social networking sites and link exchange programs.

I should know whether our SEO team work/effort has given any improvement. So, I need to know the current keyword position and the keyword position after doing SEO.

Assume that our SEO Team is working to promote the eBook sales page ( for the keyword "qtp ebook", I should know the position of when searching for "qtp ebook" in
Currently this position is 3. And, if this position is moved to 1 or 2 in few months I can say that our SEO Team efforts are giving benefit.

In brief, we should know the keyword position for doing effective SEO.

If I search for "qtp" instead of "qtp ebook" our sales page link won't appear in the first page of the So, I need to navigate thro' many pages by clicking "next" to find our sales page link.

It is a time taking process. So, I thought of using a tool for doing this task and I searched for it. But I couldn't find any appropriate free tool for this purpose.

So, our Team has started creating a simple tool for finding keyword position.

Everyone can freely use this keyword position finder.

You just need to enter your keyword and the url. URL need not be the exact url. You can specify the domain name also. And this tool will return the position in and the exact url. And, our Team will continue to improve/enhance it further.

Let me know if you find any issue in using this tool. And let me know if you have any suggestion for improving it.

Let me know if you want to buy this script or want us to develop any similar tool for you. We can do it for reasonable cost.

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Anonymous said...


I am interesting on this script. But I am afraid bots. It is not include capcha letters. Also from which i does the script connected with google? visitors or servers? Maybe google ban searches if the user do several times.

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