Sunday, September 19, 2010

HP has released new version of QTP as "HP Functional Testing 11.00"

HP has released new version of QTP. This new version is named as "HP Functional Testing 11.00"

You can download the evaluation verstion from HP Download site.

User your HP passport username and password to get into this downloadsite.

And, search for "qtp". You will find a link for "HP Functional Testing 11.00 Evaluation" under Trial Software.

The size of iso file is nearly 4GB. So, I haven't downloaded it now. But I want to see the release notes of the new version.

If you know any URL/Link having release notes, you can share it thro' the comments.

I would like to know whether this new release fulfilled the wishlist.

I found a document "HP Functional Testing Software"at HP site.

It lists below things as New testing capabilities for working with web-based

  • Recording steps on Mozilla Firefox and using the Object property to access the Firefox DOM

  • Instructing HP Functional Testing to identify a Web object in the application based on its XPath location or CSS definition

  • Using the attribute /* notation to identify an object based on an event associated with a web-based object

  • Using the new EmbedScript/EmbedScriptFromFile and RunScript/RunScriptFromFile functions to perform operations on, or retrieve data from, the browser pages in your application

I think the capability to identify the web objects using Xpath location and CSS definition will make the job easy and I think it will improve the script readability and maintenance.

If you are interested to learn QTP refer our blogpost about online QTP training program.

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