Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Simple Step for getting discount for our QTP training program

I am in the process of promoting our blog, and planning to write more articles about Software Testing, QTP automation, web development and about our products and offers.

So, I am trying to get more email subscribers for our blog so that the blog posts can reach Inbox of the readers.

As part of this promotion, today I am announcing drastic discount for the email subscribers for joining our QTP online training program. This Offer will end in October 24.

So, if you want to get the discount for our QTP online training program, you can just subscribe to our blog.

i-e Just follow below steps to get this discount.

1. Subscribe to our blog.
2. Send me your subscribed email if you are interested to get discount for the QTP training program.
3. I will be giving surprising Discount for our QTP training program if your email exists in the subscribers list.

The Discount may vary for the individuals based on the availability of seats. It will be somewhere between 20% to 70%.

All the email subscribers will be eligible to get our eBook free. Contact me for sending the eBook freely once after you subscribe for our blog.

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