Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend offer for our Products and for our online QTP training program

Currently we have done lot of application and web development projects for our clients.

Mostly we do projects using php, mysql and other related technologies.

Currently I am planning to concentrate more on our own products which will help them to achieve our vision.

We are taking initiatives to develop many products. You can refer Products menu and refer the all links available under Free Apps. menu in our site

I understand that most of them are in initial stage. That's why I am planning to sell them inexpensively.

Anyway, our Team is working hard to improve them further soon. So, I am planning to start promoting our products.

As part of this promotion, I am announcing Weekend offer for our products.

If you buy our products in this weekend (September 25 and 26), you will be getting more discounts.

It is applicable for our QTP training program also.

I will be giving discount for the people who register for our QTP training program in this weekend (September 25 and 26). Contact me at to know the details about the discount.

If you miss this Offer you can subscribe to our announcements so that you won't miss any future offers.

And, let me know if you have any questions about this Weekend Offer.

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