Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple application for converting HTML code into Entities to show them in Blogger blog

Some characters are reserved in HTML. We can not use them in the content of HTML file.

For example, < (less than symbol) is used as opening tag for HTML elements. So, we can not show it as it is when we need to show the less than symbol. i-e Reserved characters in HTML must be replaced with character entities.

The entity can be shown as &entity_name; or &#entity_number;

You can see the complete entities list here.

So, we need to convert the HTML code into equivalent Entities before putting the HTML code in blog/site.

Usually I do find and replace using notepad for converting the HTML code into Entities. It is taking process.

So, our Team has created a simple application for doing this job easily.

You can see this HTML code converter at http://qualitypointtech.net/encode/index.php

You can just put your HTML code here and can get the Entities immediately.

You can read more at our forum.

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