Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Forum Contest - Winner(s) will get 50% Discount for online QTP Training Program

We are working on to bring our Forum as best place for sharing knowledge.

As part of this effort, I am announcing a Contest for selecting best Forum users.

Find below the details about this Contest.

This contest is for finding Forum users who use our Forum more effectively.

I will select the Winners based on below criteria.

  • Number of Forum posts.

  • Number of views for their Forum Posts

  • Quality of their Questions and Answers in the Forum threads

  • Effective usage of forum tools such as BBcode, links, image, code,polls, etc.

The Winner(s) will get 50% Discount for online QTP Training Program.

Number of Winners will be varying based on availability of seat in the Training program. (Anyway I will be choosing at least one winner).

If the Winner is not interested in using this QTP training Discount , he can allow someone else to use this discount.

And, all the Forum users who reach 50 posts in our Forum will be eligible for getting our ebook about Software Testing and QTP automation freely.

I will send the eBook to their email, if they send me ( an email once they reach 50 posts.

Note that we will delete the posts or account if any one post spam/junk content.

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