Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yahoo is dying.....

While Google is celebrating its 13th Birthday, Yahoo is moving towards its End. Yes, Yahoo is going to die soon.

In July 2009, I had published a Post about Microsoft's plan for buying Yahoo.

Now, Yahoo is in the process of getting migrated to Microsoft. Many Yahoo products are getting deprecated now.

Site Explorer API of Yahoo is also deprecated. We used this Site explorer API in many of our SEO Tools for getting the back link details of any URL.

Since Yahoo deprecated this service, our Tools (Back links Tools, Link Analysis Tool) won't work now. We are working on to find some alternate ways to bring up our Tools again.

I will update it once we brought back our Tools.

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iPhone Cases said...


That is strange.

I’ve seen some wild fluctuations in backlink counts – the problem is that Y! is really the only way to do this, so there’s no way to cross reference their numbers.

Obvious in a case like this where you know there are actually more, but what about all those cases when that’s the only thing you have to go by?

Wish MSN or Google provided an alternative.


Prep Station said...


I agree with Michelle. But I would like to inform that, by change in strategy of any of the mentioned like Yahoo, MSN or Google, it does not affect the backlinks that much, as they just count the links.

They do not have any reference to edit or remove links. So do not worry about it.

The time tillGoogle is live, there will not be any problem :)


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