Thursday, February 9, 2012

AdSense URL Channels are getting affected by country-specific Blogger Redirect

Recently Blogger has started redirecting the Blogger blogs (i-e sits) to country-specific ccTLD according to the location of the user.

i-e You will be seeing this Blogger blog "" as if you visit this blog from India. Similarly, an Australian visitor will see this as

This change affects the Blogger users in various ways. Alexa ranks started appearing separately for each country specific domains. So, it is difficult to show the Alexa rank as proof of Good Traffic for getting Direct advertisements.

Today, I came to know about another impact of this Blogger Change.

I have noticed that URL Channel in Google AdSense Report is showing the pageviews only for the .com  (e.g version of Blogger Blog. They are NOT including the adSense pageviews for the other ccTLDs.

Anyway, "Sites" section of the AdSense report is showing the pageview details for the ccTLDs also.

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Interview Questions said...

Yes. All blogs are redirecting to their location extensions, it is effecting the alexa rank and search factors in google.

Raj said...

Why Google is Redirecting Blogger Blogs to Country Domains..
as... Hosting duplicate content on different domains can affect search results..

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