Friday, February 10, 2012

Do you think that Gen. VK Singh should have updated his DOB in Army Records?

Today everyone is talking about DOB (Date of Birth) issue of India's Chief Army Officer Gen. VK Singh. Many people are saying that VK Singh should have taken steps to correct his DOB in Army Records.  Even I am seeing some tweets asking how come VK Singh can be the Army Chief while he is NOT able to correct his DOB in Army Records.

But they are NOT knowing the sad truth "In India it is very Difficult to update any data".

I would like to share my bad experience with Indian Passport Office for updating my house new door number while renewing my passport.

Few months back my Passport validity got expired. So, I decided to renew the passport. And, Our House Door number got changed few years back. (i-e I am living in same House, but new number is provided for the same house).

 So, I thought of updating the new Door Number while renewing my passport.

 I am  living in Ottapidaram, Tuticorin District. So, I approached the Tirunelveli Passport Seva Kendra  (PSK) for renewing(i-e re-issuing) my passport. My file number is MD2071333275811

I approached a passport Agent, to fill the online form for fixing appointment. While filling the Form the Passport Agent suggested me keep the old door number so that passport will be renewed immediately without requiring any documents. But I wanted to update with New Door Number. And, I thought updating new Door number won't be a difficult task, as I am having a Ration Card which is carrying both the Old Door Number and New Door Number with clear labels (i-e Old Door Number, New Door Number).
So, anyone seeing the Ration Card can easily understand that it is just Door Number change NOT a Address change.

But I faced horrible experience in Tirunelveli PSK.

They asked me to give one year bank statement, and I got the one year statement from ICICI bank and submitted to them. But,  again they asked me to get a "letter" carrying my address from the Bank. (Note that the Bank statement itself is carrying my address)  I requested the bank to give such letter and they given the a letter. When I approached the PSK with this letter, they didn't accept it by stating that it should have the date when I changed my address. (Note: They haven't included this letter in file/scan.) So, again I requested the Bank to issue such letter. But they informed me it is NOT possible to give such letter. I checked both Tuticorin branch and Tirunelveli branch of the ICICI bank. I conveyed this message to the PSK.  But they are saying that I should come with that letter. So, my passport renewal process is in "Deadlock".  And, I faced lot of horrible experiences to approach PSK again. They are NOT listening me. I really couldn't understand why they behave like this. I understand the need for strict checking for issuing passport to prevent fake passports. But I don't believe these kind of arrogant and irresponsible behavior help in any way. If they really suspect that I might have changed by address within 1 year time, they should have listened me telling about physical bank statement that was sent a year back .  And, they simply said "if you want, you complain to RPO". So, I decided to approach "RPO". And, I sent a detailed email (with scanned copy of the written letter) to few months back. But till today I didn't get any reply or even any acknowledgement for the email.

And,  I created a help desk ticket (Ref. No 1110019564 ) at  few months back.

The status is still showing as "Pending" even if the due date is showing as 13/12/2011.

I sent these details to few days back and still waiting for their reply.  And, I don't know how to proceed further for renewing my passport.

I had to spent lot of time/energy/effort/ for renewing my passport. But till now I didn't get it done. All these things are happening just because I wanted to update the New Door Number (Not New Address). If I decided to keep the Old Door number, I should have renewed my passport immediately. Note that Door number is NOT a big deal for getting posts and couriers, as my place is a village.

Now, tell me,

Do you think that VK Singh should have updated his DOB in Army Records?

Update: Finally I got the passport.

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