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Why you should use web Analytic Tools For Your Online Business

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Can you the name the biggest jungle on Earth? The answer is easy, Web Jungle. As World Wide Web has become a basic need for millions across our planet, the data that individuals, groups, and companies generate is exponentially increasing day by day, but the amazing thing is that most of this data is completely useless. This article will provide you with a walk-through to easily manoeuvre within the dense web of dead ends and to make sense of your own position in this complex environment.

New to Business or New to Web?

Whether you are a veteran businessman, or simply an arts major trying to make it big in the world of Online Business, you have come to the right place for getting introduced to Analytical process. This process is not a new thing; companies have been employing analysts to make sense of the data they accumulate by conducting researches and surveys since the dawn of Industrial Development.

According to Six Sigma DMAIC method, a process is defined as a cycle of following technical events:
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
If you look carefully, Analysis is placed in the centre of this process cycle. And is the main focus of our attention right now.

Web Analysis: understanding the reality

When the web was still a developing idea, and had not yet attained the maturity that it has acquired now, Analytical Tools were present in the form mathematical models, and algorithms, which only experts could use. Only Big businesses could hire them, and kept their hegemony over small competition by making good use of the expert analysis. But thanks to the Web Giants like Google, Yahoo and Alexa, they created such software that could analyse and put the data into perspective about Offline as well as Online Businesses.

Following is a list of few online Analytical Tools that any one can use to help their business grow efficiently.

  • Google Analytics
  • Yahoo Analytics
  • Alexa

The Problems and their Solutions:

If we talk strictly about the Online Businesses, then the biggest problem that such organizations face is lack of perspective. Sometimes Online businesses just fade away, even though their product, advertisement and customer service is excellent, but they fail to target right people by not analysing the feedback, responses, or queries generated about their websites or products.
For example, if an online business sells electronic gadgets, they may do it well. But by using web Analytical Tools, one can know exactly what kind of people come to the online store, and after making a purchase, where do they go next. A simple analytical tool can tell that often buyers leave the online shop's page to go to other online retailers for buying batteries or maybe to some insurance website, for insuring their newly bought products, this simple information can be helpful if the owner wants to expand their business.

In a Nutshell:

There are many other problems that businesses face, but by having the right Analytic Tools, it becomes easier to identify the exact problem with the method that is not working. To put it plainly, these analytical tools help businesses, as psychiatrists help people going through Identity Crisis.

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