Monday, February 20, 2012

SEO Rank Checker Scripts updates

Today I had done  small changes in our Rank Checker Scripts (Both Keyword position SERP Rank Checker and Google Page Rank Checker).

Most of the changes are related to the latest changes in Google search results. I updated our scripts to make them work according to the new changes in Google results.

And, added restrictions to our Keyword position Checker as Google is blocking our server IP due to heavy usage. So, now I restricted our Demo for only 2 keywords and maximum 20 positions.
Initially I tried to use proxy, but it didn't help as most of the proxies were not working properly, and I think they were not stable.

If you want to use the SERP checker for more than 2 keywords or want to check the rank beyond 20 positions, you can buy the script from this sales page.

Similarly, I restricted over-use of our Google Page Rank Sorter Script  by adding Captcha field.

And, added below description to convey the importance of this script.

The Script will list the webpages in any website based on Google Page Rank so that you can find the valuable pages in any website. It will be useful when you are going to buy a website or adspace in any website.
And, updated the script to fix an error which occurred for some specific urls.

Right now I set the  price of these Scripts low, and planning to increase them soon. If you are interested to use this Offer you can buy them from below links.

And, I am working on developing a New website for putting all our SEO scripts.

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