Saturday, February 18, 2012

Planning to start selling our Traffic Generating Twitter Scripts

 Social Media can be used effectively to get website traffic freely. Especially the micro-blogging service Twitter helps to get good number of visitors to our websites.

Past few years I am trying various approaches to get traffic to our websites from Twitter. We developed various scripts to make use of Twitter, and experimenting them internally. Some of them were NOT helpful and some of them helped to get significant traffic. For example, our HotTrends tweets didn't help as the twitter negatively affect the usage of hottrends. But our Auto Tweets and Quotes Tweets are helpful. Especially our Motivational Quotes Site uses our twitter application to grow fast within few months.

Apart from our internal use, I thought of selling the script (source code) to the people who want to buy it so that they can enhance it according to their own needs. So, started this sales page long back.
But I haven't promoted it. Now I have decided to start the sales immediately.
So, I have decided to give 50% Discount for first  few sales. I set the Normal price as $130 USD.

 The first two buyers can get it just for $65 USD.

You can get the details about the scripts at 

 I already posted a message about this Offer in Digital point Forum. So, you need to buy it soon if you want to use this Offer.

These Twitter Tools scripts help to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily to bring targeted Traffic to any website.
Switching between multiple accounts is very easy, and even you need NOT switch between accounts for sending same tweet to multiple accounts using "MultiPost".
It is having most of the features (timeline, @mention, retweet, Quoted retweet, DM) of Twitter in addition to providing AutoTweet and Multipost features.
And, bulk loading options are available to load lot of tweets and many Twitter accounts easily from csv files.

And, importantly these Scripts will help you send your Tweets with your own Source. For example, In this tweet you can see "TheQuotes" as Source. On clicking TheQuotes our site TheQuotes.Net will open. Similarly the buyer of the script can have his own source.

And, we can do any custom changes at affordable price.Contact me ( if you are interested in utilizing this Offer.

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