Monday, February 13, 2012

Will Dead CMOS battery cause BIOS setup Failure?

Today, One of our Systems  failed to Boot. And, it showed below message on the Screen.

Realtek rtl8139(x) / 8130 /810x boot agent
press Shift - F10 to configure

I tried to press Shift -F10. But nothing changed.

I searched for this Error message in Google. Most of the discussions about this error were saying that Boot Order in  BIOS setup might have changed. i-e LAN will be given priority than Hard Disk. They suggested to reset the CMOS settings either by removing the CMOS battery or shoring the pins of CLR_CMOS.

I reset the CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery for more than 5 minutes.

After resetting the CMOS settings, the above message gone, and it showed "Press F1 to continue, and press DEL to enter setup".

I thought everything is fine, I just need to press DEL to enter BIOS setup  so that I can change Boot order to set high priority for the Hard Disk.

But it didn't happen. On pressing "DEL" button, nothing happened. "F1" also didn't work.
Again, I did Google Search for this issue. Many people suggested to check with different keyboards. So, I tried that option by connecting some other Keyboard. But nothing changed.

In one of the blog posts, one person written about similar issue. He had mentioned that changing CMOS battery solved the issue.

This solution looked strange. Because, it is unbelievable that Dead CMOS battery will affect the BIOS setup. I had booted some other system, even after removing the CMOS battery. I was thinking that the purpose of CMOS battery is just to store the custom changes done in the BIOS setup.

Even if this solution looked strange, I decided to try this option as I have no other option other than replacing the Mother Board itself..
And, therefore I replaced the CMOS battery. Surprisingly the system booted normally.

I am NOT sure whether replacing CMOS battery actually solved the problem, or the problem occurs randomly. i-e I would like to know whether the problem will occur again.

Anyone faced similar issue? You can share your experience thro' the comments.

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