Monday, August 13, 2012

Google has Changed its FavIcon. The New FavIcon appears in Blue Color.

The Search Engine Google has changed its FavIcon.

The New FavIcon of the Google is appearing in Blue background color.

Do you like this New FavIcon of Google? Share your thoughts thro' the Comments.

Find below the previous Favicons of Google.

FavIcon (Favorite Icon) is a small 16x16 image which is shown in the address bar of a browser when loading a webpage.

It will be helpful to give identity for the website. The visitor will easily recognize the website by seeing the favIcon.

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seo said...

I think it is great!

thychu@kr said...

Yea, they updated after three years.

jambutty said...

its much brighter~sets the page up with more colour~nice

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