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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Quiz Questions and Answers.

Find below some MCQ Quiz Questions and Answers for  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It will be useful for testing your Knowledge in SEO, and it can help to improve your SEO knowledge.

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1) There is no apparent search engine rankings benefit to having a keyword matched domain name (eg www.TheQuotes.Net for keyword "The Quotes").
a) True
b) False
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2) What does the term “Sandbox” mean in SEO?

a) The box with paid ads that appear when you perform a search.
b) This is where sites are kept till they get mature enough to be included in the top rankings for a particular keyword
c) A special category of sites that are listed in kid-safe searches
d) The first 10 search results for a particular keyword.
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3) High quality links to a site's homepage will help to increase the ranking ability of deeper pages on the same domain
a) True
b) False
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4) Which of the following sources is considered to be the best for acquiring competitive link data?
a) Yahoo!
b) Google
c) MSN/Bing
d) Alexa
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5) Which of the following search engines patented the concept of "TrustRank" as a methodology for ranking web sites & pages?
a) Yahoo!
b) Google
c) MSN/Bing
d) Teoma (prior to Acquisition by Ask)
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6) If you were a SEO for a technology site, what would you not to do build a back links for it?

a) Post in technology blogs.
b) Submit articles to technology ezines.
c) Buy 10,000 links on a link exchange site.
d) Exchange links with other reputable technology sites.
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7) When creating a "flat architecture" for a site, you attempt to minimize what?
a) The number of links a search engine must follow to reach content pages
b) The KB size of search-targeted pages
c) The number of tabs/windows that open during normal navigation
d) The amount of vertical scrolling necessary for navigation
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8) What aspects of a hyperlink are not important for SEO?
a) The visibility of the link text.
b) The anchor text, especially the keywords in it.
c) The place from which the link originates.
d) The place to which the link leads.
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9) How can you avoid the duplicate content problems that often accompany temporal pagination issues (where content moves down a page and from page to page, as is often seen in lists of articles, multi-page articles and blogs)?
a) Add a meta robots tag with "noindex, follow" to the paginated pages
b) Link to paginated pages with rel="nofollow" in the link tag
c) There are no duplicate content problems associated with pagination
d) Display each page in a new tab/window
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10) Which of these is least likely to have difficulty ranking for its targeted terms/phrases in Google?
a) A brand new domain that quickly buys a large number of links from a link broker
b) An established domain moving to a newly registered domain
c) An old domain transferred to a new registrant and repurposed
d) A new domain that has received significant buzz and attention in the online and offline media, along with tens of thousands of natural links
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11) Which of the following is NOT a "best practice" for creating high quality title tags?
a) Make sure the title is unique for every page
b) Include an exhaustive list of keywords
c) Limit the tag to 65 characters, including spaces
d) Write compelling copy that encourages users to "click" your listing
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12) Danny Sullivan is best known (in the field of web search) as:
a) A journalist and pundit who covers the field of web search
b) Google's internal search marketing evangelist
c) The founder of Twitter
d) The founder of the upstart search engine, Mahalo
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13) A page on your site that serves as a "sitemap," linking to other pages on your domain in an organized, list format, is important because...
a) It reduces the crawl rate of spiders to your pages
b) It is the preferred navigational method of most web users outside the US
c) It may helps search engine crawlers to easily access many pages on your site
d) Its required for submission to many important search engines
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14) What is the advantage of putting all of your important keywords in the Meta Keywords tag?
a) There is no specific advantage for search engines
b) It increases relevance to Yahoo! and MSN/Live, although Google & Ask ignore it
c) They will be bolded in searches for that term
d) You have to have a term in Meta Keywords in order to bid for AdWords to that page
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15) Which HTTP server response code indicates a page that has been temporarily relocated and links to the old location will not pass influence to the new location?
a) 301
b) 302
c) 304
d) 311
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16) Which HTTP server response code indicates a file that no longer exists? (File Not Found)
a) 401
b) 301
c) 500
d) 404
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17) If you have a site that is targeted at a particular country only, which one of the following are not recommendable to do in order to rank well in country specific search results? Check all that apply.
a) Use the appropriate language attribute in the HTML code of the page.
b) The site should be hosted in the same country, so that its IP falls in the range of IPs that are specific for this country.
c) Have the site written in the language of the country.
d) Use Geotargeting.
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18) If you update your sites URL structure to create new versions of your pages, what should you do with the old URLs?
a) 301 redirect them to the new URLs
b) Move them to a subdomain
c) Nothing, keep them active so the links to them aren't lost.
d) Shut them down and request removal via Webmaster Central in Google and Site Explorer in Yahoo!
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19) Which one of the following practice is ethical ?
a) Buying links from link farms
b) Having the same page twice - once in html, once in pdf.
c) Using hidden text that users dont see but spiders can read
d) Stuffing the metatags with keywords
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20) Which HTTP server response code indicates a page that has been permanently relocated and all links to the old page will pass their influence to the new page location
a) 301
b) 302
c) 311
d) 500
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21) Is the following metatag appropriate for a site that sells ebooks?

a) Yes, the following metatag contains all the keywords I need.
b) No, it is rather short, I have more keywords to optimize for
c) Why bother with metatags at all?
d) Yes, this metatag is OK even though it could have had more keywords.
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22) What is Page Rank?
a) The Alexa technology for ranking pages.
b) The way Yahoo! measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
c) The search relevancy of a page compared to the other pages in the search engine
d) The way Google measures how popular a given page is based on the number and quality of sites that link to it.
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23) When linking to external websites, a good strategy to move up in the rankings is to use the keywords you're attempting to rank for on that page as the anchor text of the external-pointing links. For example, if you were attempting to rank a page for the phrase "hulk smash" you would want to use that phrase, "hulk smash" as the anchor text of a link pointing to a web page on another domain
a) True
b) False
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24) The de-facto version of a page located on the primary URL you want associated with the content is known as:
a) Home Page
b) Canonical Version
c) Heretical Version
d) Empirical Version
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25) A link from a PageRank "3" page (according to the Google toolbar) hosted on a very strong, trusted domain can be more valuable than a link from a PageRank "4" page hosted on a weaker domain.
a) True
b) False
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26) Is it generally considered acceptable to have the same content resolve on both www and non-www URLs of a website?
a) No, this may cause negative indexing/ranking issues
b) Yes, the search engines recognize they're the same thing
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27) When you have multiple-pages targeting the same keywords on a domain, which of the following is the best way to avoid keyword cannibalization?
a) Remove the duplicate keywords from the Meta Keywords tag on the less important pages
b) Restrict search engine from crawling/indexing any of the less important pages
c) Increase the keyword density on the most important page to be greater than that of the other pages
d) Place links on all the secondary pages back to the page you most want ranking for the term/phrase using the primary keywords as the anchor text of those links
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28) Which of these is NOT generally considered to be a highly important factor for ranking for a particular search term?
a) Quality and quantity of external links to the page
b) Keyword usage in the title tag of the page
c) HTML Validation (according to W3C standards) of a page
d) Link popularity of a page within the domain (internal link popularity)
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29) What is the generally accepted difference between SEO and SEM?
a) SEO focuses on organic/natural search rankings, SEM encompasses all aspects of search marketing
b) No difference, theyre synonymous
c) SEO refers to organic/natural listings while SEM covers PPC, or paid search
d) SEO tends to be a West coast term, SEM is more East coast.
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30) Which of the following is the best way to maximize the frequency with which your site/page is crawled by the search engines?
a) Add a short "crawl delay" parameter to your robots.txt file
b) Frequently add new content
c) Search for your website more frequently in the major engines
d) Submit your site through the search engines submission forms
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31) Which of the following is a legitimate technique to improve rankings & traffic from search engines?
a) Submitting your domain to the top 2000 search engines on the web
b) Hosting your site on a "search engine optimized" web hosting platform
c) Re-writing title tags on your pages to reflect high search volume, relevant keywords
d) Adding keyword-dense meta tags to each of your site's pages
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32) Which of the following factors is considered when search engines assign value to links?
a) The use of a proper link title in the HTML tag of the link, matching the anchor text of the link
b) The visual appearance of the link using external CSS files
c) The date/time the link was created and the temporal relationship between that link's appearance and other time-sensitive criteria
d) A footnote at the bottom of the page referencing the link and indicating whether it is an editorial endorsement
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33) Which of the following content types is most easily crawled by the major web search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN/Live &
b) Windows Media Player Files
c) Java Applets
d) Flash Plugin Files
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34) Which of these factors is LEAST likely to decrease the value of a link?
a) The linked to domain has a link somewhere that points at the linking domain (each domain link to pages on the others site)
b) The link exists on a page that is not indexed
c) The linked to and linking sites are both hosted on the same IP address
d) • The linked to and linking sites are both registered to the same company/individual
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35) The practice of showing one version of content on a URL to search engines, and another, different version to human visitors of the same URL is known as?
a) Phasing
b) Cloaking
c) Phishing
d) Trapping
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36) Which of the following is the WORST criterion for estimating the value of a link to your page/site?
a) The ranking of the linking page for its targeted keywords
b) The inclusion of the page in the indices of the major search engines
c) The number and quality of other external links on the page
d) The popularity of the domain on which the page is hosted according to Alexa
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37) Which of these keywords will you optimize a pets site for? The site provides information about different breeds and also fundamental facts about breeding pets at home. It does neither sell pets, nor is interested in wild animals. The main audience are adults. The words in the different options (a., b., c., etc.) are arranged in order of importance.

a) pet, pet at home, pet animal, pet breed.
b) pets, kids, puppy, kitten.
c) pets, breeds, dogs, cats.
d) pets, cats, dogs, animals.
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38) How can Meta Description tags help with the practice of search engine optimization?
a) Trick question - meta description are NOT important
b) They help to tell the engines which keywords are most important on your page
c) They serve as the copy that will entice searchers to click on your listing
d) Theyre an important ranking factor in the search algorithms
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39) Which of the following is the least important area in which to include your keyword(s)?
a) Meta Keywords
b) Meta Description
c) Title
d) Body Text
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40) Which of the following site architecture issues MOST impedes the ability of search engine spiders to crawl a site?
a) Dynamic pages with 2 or more variables in the URL string
b) Pages that require form submission to reach database content
c) Missing robots.txt file
d) Web pages that employ iFrames
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41) Page Rank is so named because it was created by Larry Page, not because it ranks pages
a) True
b) False
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42) Whats the largest page size that Googles spider will crawl?
a) No set limit exists - Google may crawl very large pages if it believes them to be worthwhile
b) 1000KB
c) 2GB
d) 100KB
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43) Which of the following link building tactics do search engines tacitly endorse?
a) Reciprocal link exchange programs
b) Renting pages from trustworthy domains and placing links on them
c) Viral content creation & promotion
d) Buying links from link brokers & networks
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44) You have a book selling site. If you have a keyword density of 7% for the keyword “book”, 6% for “reading” and 3% for “bestseller”, how does the following metatag relate to your keyword density:
a) The metatag is completely useless.
b) The metatag might mislead the search engines that we offer mainly American literature.
c) This metatag helps to point out that some of our bestsellers are the novels of Grisham and other American authors.
d) It might help to get some additional traffic without having to optimize the site for additional keywords like “Grisham” and the different genres.
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45) If you want a page to pass value through its links, but stay out of the search engines' indices, which of the following tags should you place in the header?
a) Use meta robots="noindex, nofollow"
b) Use meta robots="index, nofollow"
c) Use meta robots="noindex, follow"
d) Use meta robots="autobot, decepticon"
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46) Which domain extensions are more often associated with greater trust and authority in the search engines?
a) .mobi , .info and .net
b) .edu, .mil and .gov
c) .com and .net
d) .gov, .edu, and .org
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47) Which of the following character limits is the best choice to use when limiting the length of title tags (assuming you want those tags to fully display in the search results at the major engines)?
a) 110
b) 65
c) 80
d) 40
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48) Why are absolute ( better than relative ("/my-category") URLs for on-page internal linking?
a) You get keyword weight out of the domain name in the URL
b) Search engines cant spider relative URLs
c) When scraped and copied on other domains, they provide a link back to the website
d) They provide more keyword context for search engines judging internal links
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49) Spammy sites or blogs begin linking to your site. What effect is this likely to have on your search engine rankings?
a) It may negatively affect your rankings as search engines associate your site with bad neighborhoods on the web
b) It will boost your rankings at Live/MSN, keep them the same at Yahoo! and lower them in Google as the three engines treat spammy links in different ways
c) A very slight positive effect is most likely, as search engines are not perfectly able to discount the link value of all spammy sites
d) No effect - the search engines discount all spammy sites from passing link value, but do not penalize sites for receiving these links
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50) Which of the following would be the best choice of URL structure (for both search engines and humans)?
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51) When do you apply for Re inclusion in a search engine's index?

a) When you have made changes to your site.
b) When you have changed your hosting provider and the IP address of your site.
c) After you have been banned from the search engine for black hat practices and you have corrected your wrongdoings.
d) When you are not happy with your current ratings.
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(1) b  (2) b  (3) a  (4) a  (5) a  (6) c  (7) a  (8) a  (9) a  (10) d 
(11) c  (12) a  (13) c  (14) a  (15) b  (16) d  (17) d  (18) a  (19) a  (20) a 
(21) d  (22) d  (23) b  (24) b  (25) a  (26) a  (27) d  (28) c  (29) a  (30) b 
(31) c  (32) c  (33) a  (34) a  (35) b  (36) d  (37) c  (38) c  (39) a  (40) b 
(41) a  (42) a  (43) c  (44) d  (45) c  (46) b  (47) b  (48) c  (49) c  (50) a 
(51) c 


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