Friday, April 4, 2014

Top 10 Benefits of getting Timesheet Software with Source Code.

Around 4 years back I had written a blog post about explaining the importance of using timesheet software.  Recently, I did some analysis about the usage of timesheet software in various companies, especially start-up companies. It seems many start-up companies are preferring to use cloud-based third-party hosted timesheet applications.  So, there is a huge demand for Timesheet Software Service Business.

In the beginning companies used papers for making note of the time spent for various projects / tasks by their employees. Later on they started using spreadsheets, like Microsoft excel sheets. Some of them created Excel Macros for entering the time details in specific formats in the spread sheets.

And, now the companies are using web based timesheets for tracking employees work hours and project hours. Mostly, they purchase subscription to cloud based or SasS (Software As Service) Timesheet. In this case they have to make payment for each user and they need to pay regularly (i-e per month  or per year).

But, the companies will not get the full flexibility of using the timesheet, as they won't get the source code of the software. They had to fully rely on the third-party timesheet software provider. I understand that subscription based timesheet software service is very easy to start and initially cost effective, and it didn't require any hardware or technical skills from the users side. That's why many people prefer to go with the third-party  timesheet service / cloud based timesheet / SasS Timesheet service.

But, getting your own copy of timesheet software with source code is having lot of advantages over cloud-based timesheet service. Let me list below the top 10 advantages.

1.You will have full control and flexibility over your Timesheet Software. You need not depend on the third-party servers and support.
2. You can make any kind of custom changes to make it fit with your own requirements. It will encourage you  to get different kind of reports specific to your own company, and thereby will help to improve the productivity of your business.
3. Your company data will be safe within your own server.
4. You can integrate the timesheet software with your other existing systems so that you can prevent the need for multiple logins.
5. Importing data from other systems can be done by writing piece of import script, and similarly export can be done to any required format by creating simple scripts.
6. By making small CSS/Design changes they can make it fit with their core website to keep uniform design.
7. You can have your own flow of approval/rejection according to your organization structure.
8. Since you will be having full control over your server, you can have your own session timeout or any other server settings which affect your timesheet functionality.
9. You will be having control over how you want to display the timesheet in mobile devices by making some design related code changes.
10. Most importantly no need to make payment for increasing number of users, and can use it for any number of years without making any additional payment.

In summary, it gives maximum benefits to you. I believe everyone will accept this fact. But the real challenge is, getting the timesheet software with source code.

We can find some open source timesheet applications. But they are outdated and the freelance developers will take significant time to understand the existing code and therefore they will charge heavily for doing any custom changes. And, if you go with commercial timesheet software applications, mostly they won't give the source code, or they will charge heavy price if you want the source code.

That's the main reason many people are continuing the use of third-party cloud service.

But we have taken initiative to provide timesheet software with source code  at unbelievable price. Right now we are giving it for $80 USD (Yes, one-time payment) And, we can do any custom changes for affordable price. Since we had done  lot of custom changes for various customers, we can do any kind of custom changes easily. So, it won't cost you much. Anyway, since we provide the software with source code, you can get any freelance developers to make custom changes if you want to do.
And, installation of our timesheet software is very easy. It uses commonly used open source technologies like php and mysql. So, there won't be any additional cost for using our timesheet software.

 And, I came to know that still some people are using excel spread sheets for tracking work hours. They can get our timesheet software at this affordable price to utilize the timesheet data in effective ways so as to improve the productivity which is the ultimate goal of using timesheets.

As discussed in my previous post, it is very important for the start-ups to keep their expenses under their control. So, I would like to suggest them to buy our timesheet by making small one-time payment instead of paying to the third-party timesheet providers every month/year for every user.

I agree that I am writing this post for promoting our timesheet. But I am not biased for recommending the timesheet with source code. Because, we too provide hosted timesheet service, and right now people can use it freely (with limitations)

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