Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Timesheet Software Service Business...

Recently I came to know that a cloud-based timesheet service provider got Millions of Dollars as investment for expanding their business further as the demand for timesheet is getting increased in various countries.

If you are an Entrepreneur, you will be thinking about starting your own timesheet business to make use of the huge demand available for the timesheet related business.

But you will be requiring to invest significant amount of money if you plan to develop timesheet software to provide online timesheet service for various customers /companies as Software as Service (SasS)/ Cloud Service.

Anyway, you are having an option to get the timesheet software with source code by spending very little amount. You can check our timesheet sales page for more details.

Since our timesheet software supports use of multiple companies, you can easily start your own online timesheet service.

And, you will get the timesheet software with source code. i-e you can make any kind of change you want. Or, if you want we can make any custom changes based on your own requirements for additional charge.

Anyway, our timesheet software buyer should NOT resell our timesheet software. You can use it in one domain only. But you can use it for any number of companies.

As specified in my previous post, I am extending the offer price for our timesheet for few more weeks. So, if you are interested to get the timesheet with the offer price, you can visit this page now.

Contact me (rajamanickam.a@gmail.com)if you have any questions about our timesheet.


And, our timesheet sales page has started appearing in Google first page for various timesheet related keywords. This is happening after I moved the timesheet sales page from qualitypointtech.net domain to qualitypointtech.com domain.

And therefore, I am expecting significant increase in sales of our timesheet software. So,exploring various options to make use of this opportunity effectively. Since we are very small team, and our Team building process is taking time, right now I prefer to encourage other Entrepreneurs to start their own Timesheet SasS service by using our timesheet software. They can earn money by charging the companies to use their service, or they can earn by showing ads. CPC for timesheet-related keywords is good.

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