Saturday, April 26, 2014

Planning to add more Public Domain inspirational articles in our TheQuotes.Net site.

In my previous post, I have explained about the new subreddit for getting and sharing motivational article.

In this post, I will explain about my plans to add more useful content into our Motivational site TheQuotes.Net

We have started our motivational website TheQuotes.Net few years back, and adding lot of motivational Quotes, Motivational images, Motivational videos frequently.

Now, I have decided to collect few inspirational articles from   public domain  and add them into TheQuotes.Net site so that our readers can read them at one place.

Initially I hesitated to add public domain articles as I thought  search rank of our site will be affected due to the duplicate content penalty of search engines. Because , most of the public domain articles are already available in lot of websites, and therefore they will create duplicate content issue.

Anyway, now I have decided to publish most useful public domain articles in TheQuotes.Net website so that the readers can get maximum benefit from it. To avoid search engine penalty, I have decided to add noindex and nofollow meta tags to these duplicate content pages.

Few days back I came to know about the which is run by Leo Babauta. He made the entire site as public domain content. I have gone through few of his articles and have gone through his life story. All of them are really inspiring. I am planning to add many articles from this site. I  already added two articles ( Fear is the Root of Your Problems and “Daily Change” to Change Your Life) from this site. If you are already familiar with this site, let me know what are the article you like much so that I will add them in TheQuotes.Net

And, I am exploring various other public domain content for adding them in our site. Send your suggestions to info@theQuotes.Net or share them through the comment section of this blog.

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