Thursday, April 10, 2014

Many people are looking for online voting option in India

In the year 2010, I had written this blog post to explore the feasibility for  the online voting facility in political elections of India.

From Blogger Stats and Google Analytic Stats, I came to know that many people are visiting this blog post by searching  online voting related search words. So, we can understand that many people are showing interest for the online voting (i-e Internet based voting).

And, I had embedded this polldaddy poll in my previous blog post. As of now, 95% of the people are showing interest to get online voting for political elections in India according to this poll result.

And, it seems the Election Commission (EC) had informed the Supreme Court that it was exploring the means of enabling Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to vote online in future.

 So, we can expect online voting feature soon.   You can share your thoughts about online voting in the comments.

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