Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LifeMotivation SubReddit for getting and sharing Motivational Articles, Videos and Images.

Past few years I am spending lot of time/effort for adding lot of inspiring articles, Motivational Quotes, Motivational Video and Motivational Picture Quotes to our website TheQuotes.Net

We have added lot of feature like Motivational Calendar, Facebook cover application, Auto tweet application, etc.

And, past few months I was thinking about adding a new social book marking feature for allowing the visitors to share motivational stuff to TheQuotes.Net site.

But, right now site is visited by very less number of people only. And, building moderation tools will take some time and effort. And, I will be required to spend significant time in moderating the submission. So, I decided to drop the plan of adding bookmarking feature. Instead, I have created a subreddit /r/LifeMotivation/ for allowing users to share the Motivational Content using Reddit login.

I believe most of the users will share motivational content into this subreddit, as currently there is no effective subreddit for sharing Motivational Stuff. That means, this subrredit will be loaded with lot of inspiring articles soon. And, the Reddit voting system will help you to get best articles.

So, remember to visit /r/LifeMotivation/ frequently to read good motivational articles. And, remember to upvote good links and down vote bad links. I encourage everyone to participate in discussions by adding appropriate comments.

I welcome any suggestions to make this initiative successful.

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