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Advantages of using Gmail

Email is becoming very important part in any Business.

There are lot of free email services available.

We have to be very careful and do more analysis before choosing any email service provider.

Gmail is leading all the email services. And, it has lot of features and many advantages over others.

In this post we can discuss the advantages of using Gmail.

1. The very first advantage is Speed. It will be surprising to see the very fast mail delivery and mail reception in Gmail. We need not refresh the web page to see the new mails. It works using Ajax.

2. We can access Gmail in many ways. Gmail offers free POP3 and IMAP accesses for downloading the Gmail messages into your preferred email client.

3. Enough Storage Space. It seems currently Gmail is providing around 1 GB free space. And, we can get more space by paying reasonable cost.

4. Powerful Search within the mail message. We can find the desired mail easily by doing search.

5. Our mails and their reply mails will be combined as Forum like "Conversation". It will be helpful to understand the entire conversation in the mail chain.

6. Using Google Gear, web based Gmail can be used in offline.

7. Very useful feature of gmail is, spam filtering. Gmail is excellent in filtering out spam mails. Getting out of spam mails will save lot of our time.

8. Gmail Team is very efficient in recovering your account if someone else is trying to use your account by stealing your login credentials. I am not sure whether they are doing it manually or automatically, but I was surprised to see the steps they had taken to give our account back to us when someone tried to hack about account.

9. We can set up Gmail to forward the copy of mails to other mail accounts as backup copy.

10. Integration of Gmail with other Google products such as Google Talk can be done effectively. For example, we can search the chat history from the mail without doing any additional steps for storing chat details.

11. Even it can establish effective integration with other products also. This knol will explain about synchronizing Goolge Calendar with outlook events.

12. Labels are unique feature of Gmail. They will help to arrange the mails in desired categories. Comparing with Folders, Gmail Labels will save storage space as they will keep only one copy of message even when the message belongs to two different categories.

13.Many Gadgets can be integrated within Gmail.

14. Lot of Gmail UI Themes are available. We can choose any theme according to our wish.
15. Comparatively down time of Gmail is very less. Recent Gmail outages are being discussed in many blogs and forums. But anyway Gmail is more stable comparing to other email services.
16. You can manage your tasks from Gmail.
17. Contacts can be managed effectively.
18. Google labs is providing more innovative features (but not stable). If you want you can turn on these Labs features in your Gmail.
19.(Newly added on Jan 2010) Gmail is enjoying some priorities in Google's own smartphone Nexus One.

Gmail is not having default read receipt. This knol will explain the reason.

Some classified or job websites won't allow Employer acccount creation if we use gmail id. They will be allowing only the emailids with domain of company website.

I used to think why these sites are expecting emailid with specific domain name while gmail is superior in many ways such as speed, Spam filtering, and archive management.

Finally I am able to find the reason. All these sites are having some partnership with hosting companies, and they are trying to promote their hosting packages.
That's why they are forcing the companies to have emailid with company domain name .

You can read official Gmail blog to know more about Gmail.

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Liandro said...

Until GMail includes a sorting functionality like Outlook (or Windows Live Mail), it will never be practical for me, and all those other features, including labeling, are irrelevant and do not add anything, seriously, to my user experience.

Jansky T said...

I agree with what Liandro said

Anonymous said...

Point 6. Using Google Gear... 3/11/2011 Google stop Gears . ¡MORE THAN 2 YEARS!

GOOGLE is AWFUL offline.

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