Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you a fresh graduate looking for experience/entry in Software Development? Don't wait for anyone's permission

We can see many Fresh graduates worrying about getting experience for getting job in IT company.

Their worry looks valid, but actually it is not.

Most of the people used to say "Getting entry into IT job is difficult". Their reason is You will need experience for getting job, and you will get experience only when you get a job. It will be cyclic and it is difficult to break this cycle

But, you can easily break this cycle by getting experience in Software Development even without getting any job. i-e You need not get permission from anyone to get job experience.

(I am not talking about wrong approaches such as putting fake experience or paying for getting experience. Actually these wrong approaches will do more harm than good for you.)

Find below few ideas for things you can do without anyone’s permission.
  • You can start a new open-source project or can join with any existing open source projects. If you are not comfortable with programming, you can do testing or documentation. Open Source projects need lot of people for doing QA and Documentation.
    You can get the open source projects from sourceforge.net, codeplex.com and code.google.com.
  • You can start your own website for learning purpose. You can start with simple html/css/javascript and then improve your site step by step with lot of other features. Many large sites (e.g imdb) are started like this only.
  • Learn using API of Social networking sites. e.g Twitter client and Facebooks apps. Develop your own application and try to spread it thro' the social networking site.
  • You can develop app if you have Smart Phone. Getting your app into the iPhone AppStore or Android marketplace will increase the possibility of getting job.
  • You can bid for a small job in freelance websites, if you quote the price very less you will get an opportunity for getting the project. Even if you didn't get the project just get the spec and start doing it. You can follow @globaltechjobs for knowing about freelance jobs
  • You can approach any local business and help them to reduce their work by implementing small software projects for them

You will get handful of experience if you follow above steps, and adding these experience in your resume will get you job in IT Company.

And if you have done above things and live in India, you can contact qualitypointmail@gmail.com - QualityPoint Technologies is looking for you.

These things are useful only for getting entry into Software Development. Continuing these things for long time is not advisable for freshers.

Because, the real strength of doing any project is in Team work. You will get an opportunity to learn Team work only when you work in a Team environment which will be available in IT company.

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GRE said...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GMAT here: gmatonlinetest.com . I hope it's useful for GMAT test takers.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it was very helpful.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge ,which is very useful for freshers fiddling out for jobs/experience.

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