Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Launching our Affiliate Program - Hurry to get 90% affiliate commission

Affiliate - This word gives some negative impression to most of us.

The reason is, some affiliates are spamming the web with their affiliate products links.

So, I hesitated to implement Affiliate Program for promoting our products. I thought it will do harm than doing good for our products.

But basically Affiliate program is an excellent marketing tool. Especially it will be very helpful for marketing digital products.

It helps everyone (i-e Helps Merchants to increase the sales, helps Affiliates to earn money easily by getting affiliate commission without owning any product and helps the buyers to buy their required products from inexpensive source)

So, after carefully analyzing all the facts finally I decided to launch Affiliate program for boosting our products sales.

I have taken this decision by hoping that we are having enough Technical and logical ways to control spamming and any other negative things associated with affiliate program.

That being said, our affiliate program will be very useful for genuine people while it is not appropriate for spammers.

If you don't know what is affiliate program you can think this as getting money for referring our products to your website visitors.

Please stop reading further if you expect earning more money in few days from our affiliate program.

It is true that you can earn lot of money from our affiliate program as we are willing to share most of our sales income with our affiliate members.

The reason is, basically we are web development company doing web programming services. Our primary objective is making our products reach more users than getting money by selling those products. It will help us to get lot of business opportunities.

Since all our products are digital products developed by us, giving more affiliate commission won't do any harm for us.

So, it is very obvious that our affiliate members can earn more money from our affiliate program.

But it won't happen overnight. You need to do lot of hard work. In coming days I will post many articles explaining the ways to promote our products.

The core thing is, you should have clear understanding of our products and promote it to target audience.

If you are interested in our affiliate program you can read further.

You can become our affiliate member by clicking the link

If you are already our Forum member, then you will become our affiliate member once after just accepting our Affiliate Terms, otherwise first it will take you to our Forum registration page. This registration is very simple process. It won't take more than few minutes.

If you face any difficulty in using our affiliate program, you can contact me.(

Find below the Terms.

- PayPal payment only.

- Minimum payout is 10$.

- Affiliate commission will be made for all the purchases made within 90 days from referral date. It will not be always true. For example it depends on whether the buyer deletes cookie from his browser or not.

- Default affiliate commission is 60%. It may vary based on the products and will vary for the affiliate members.

- Payment will be made every month. And if you send specific request we will make the paypal payment more than one time in a month.

- We will terminate any affiliate member doing Black Hat approaches and affiliate commission will not be paid for those terminated affiliates.

- First 5 persons reaching $250 Affiliate commission will be eligible to get 90% commission for any further sales.

- And the next 20 persons will be getting 70% commission for any further sales. Note that for these 25 persons the commission will be 60% only till reaching 250$.

- We may change our Terms and conditions at any time if it is necessary to keep our reputation and to protect genuine affiliates.

So, hurry to avail the 90% commission. Start from here.

Each affiliate member can see the sales and referral details from their affiliate login.

Any one having website or blog can make use of this opportunity. Even you can use the social networking sites (e.g Twitter, Facebook, Digg and stumbleupon) to promote our products.

You can get code for various products affiliates link by clicking the banners menu once you logged in as affiliate.

You can use any number of banners. Even you can use text links for promoting our products.

All the best for winning the 90% commission offer.

If you are a merchant looking for implementing your own affiliate program, you can contact us.

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Rupinder said...

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It is a marketing practice in which a business rewards you for each visitor or customer you brought about by your own marketing efforts.Find more

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