Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clean up your PC for extra speed

(Guest Post from Dedee Heather )

Cleaning up the Computer is the first step to increase the performance and the operation itself is very simple if you have the right tools.

A PC full of junk files, missing registries and viruses can’t possibly function at its highest levels, and these nuisances should be dealt with even if you don’t experience a dramatic decrease in performance. With the registries, things can be very tricky if you plan doing the entire operation manually. In my case, the chances were usually high that there would be more harm than good, especially when taking in account that I didn’t know exactly what to do. On the other hand, unused file extensions, missing DLLs, application paths and much more of that stuff could be fixed automatically by a specialized program.

Creating a backup is always a smart thing to do even if you trust the program, because safety should always come first.
Speeding up a PC through cleaning also includes the temporary files deletion from both the browsers and the operating system folders and the good thing is that this brings into more hard disk spare space. These junk files are very hard to detect manually and some result from faulty uninstallers who didn’t remove all the file associated with the program you wanted out. Also, make sure you don’t repeat the mistake of deleting applications instead of using the uninstall, because this is the fastest way to generate more leftovers – I did that once but now I won’t do this ever again!
It’s equally important to check your system for malwares and viruses while performing the cleaning process. This should be an ongoing process really and having an antivirus that is capable of offering live protection is very important, as the threats are multiple. A large virus database and malware protection are two of the ingredients that are making an antivirus reliable, because malicious software can take many forms. If you want to have a fast and well-performing PC you should make sure that it is not infected with either of these harmful programs.
So, these two steps are the easiest, but still very important, almost essential. Help your PC to get rid from data and applications that are not in use and check it regulary with adware spyware removal tools, and you won’t have any major troubles then. Just remember: clean computer – fast computer!

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