Saturday, March 26, 2011

Released WordPress Plugin for adding Analytics Code easily.

Tracking website traffic (e.g visitor details, bounce rate, traffic sources,etc) is very important for planning and monitoring SEO activities.

Various Analytic software/code are available for tracking website traffic. For example Google Analytics is freely provided by Google.

We need to put piece of javascript code in all the pages of our website for implementing these Analytics systems.

Mostly it should be added in end of Body tag are within the Head tag of HTML code of the page.

Currently, we are developing many Wordpress websites.

We had to manually add the analytics Code (we use Google Analytics) in theme/template file of the Wordpress site. We have use ftp program for doing this task.

So, we thought of using any Wordpress plugin for doing this task without requiring ftp. i-e Ability to add/change the Analytics code from Admin panel itself. is having many plugins for achieving this task. But it seems most of them are either complex or specific for particular Analytics system.

So, we developed a simple wordpress plugin useful for adding any kind of analytics code. (We have tested it with Google Analytics only. We may share your comments if you use it for other Analytics systems).

And, we have included this plugin in site for enabling everyone to freely download it. I had to use Tortoise for putting the plugin in svn (subversion) of Wordpress server.

You can see more details here. And, you can download it from here.

We are planning to release more free wordpress plugins and working on to develop few paid plugins. For example, currently we are working on to release our KeyWord Position Finder as WordPress plugin with more features.

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