Wednesday, March 2, 2011 is getting ready for US job seekers

We have started developing a Job portal which will be useful for  US job seekers. And, planning to extend it further to UK and India Job seekers after few months.

Currently  is started with simple Google Custom Search engine and zip code based search.
The custom job search  engine is having option to select any one of the various Categories "General", "Technology", "Sales/Marketing" and "Finance/Accounting".

The Search results will be given based on the selection of category. We had added lot of job sites in each category to give the appropriate results.

And, we are having lot of plans add many features soon. As our Team is having good experience in php cURL, I am planning to do our own crawling and indexing of job sites in future. As of now we will be adding the job sites in the Google Custom search engine.

We have added a page for doing job search based on your zip code also. i-e It will list the jobs available around 30 miles of the entered zip code.

And, we are working on to launch resume posting service in few days. Using this service resume details will be posted to more than 65 US job sites. (Refer the list here)

I have done a pricing analysis for the similar service. Mostly the price is in the range of more than $50 USD for posting the resume to around 50-100 job sites.

But I am planning to set the price as $24 USD only. And, we are going to allow promo code.
The introductory offer promo code is GETBESTJOBS75 If you enter this promo code you will be getting 75% discount. i-e your resume will be posted to more than 65 US job sites if you pay just $6 USD before the promo code expires.

So, if you want to make use of this opportunity you can bookmark/subscribe this blog. I will be announcing about launching our resume posting service in few days thro' this blog.

And, Send your suggestions to improve the custom search engine further.

I am looking for professional business people /company interested in joining with us to promote our resume posting service on commission basis. If you are interested you can contact me at

You can start using

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