Monday, March 14, 2011

Script for automatically posting Resume to lot of Job sites and job search engines.

(This Post is updated on February 2012)

Few days back, I have mentioned about service for posting resume to lot of US job sites.

Now, I have decided to sell few copies of script itself. It is written in php and uses mysql database.

It will be useful for you to start your own online business. If you are already running a job board, you can use this script to attract more job seekers by providing resume submission service.

So, if you are interested to buy this script, you can contact me at

You can read more about this script here.

We had set up a demo environment for allowing you to see/test the entire process of this script.

The steps to see the Demo.

1. Contact me ( to get demo URL and credentials.
2. Create resume in the demo
3. Next you are having two options
  3.1 - If you want to use actual resume and email, you can continue the payment step. (It will cost $6 USD if you use the promocode "AutoResumePost")
  3.2 - If you want to test with dummy email (we will provide the dummy email), you need not do the payment step. We will update the status as "paid" manually
4. After completing resume creation/payment, you can login as Admin and see/do the resume submission process.
5. You can login into customer area to see the report and test auto login feature.
6. We will reset the demo admin password in few hours so that someone else can do/see the demo.

This script is having below features.

- Resume entry screen with all required validations so that the resume will fit for all 60 job sites.
- PayPal button with promo code option. (Ajax based)
- Admin login to see the list of customers in various statuses (Just resume created, Paid, resume posting in progress, completed)
- Admin controlled automatic resume posting (Admin can select/unselect job sites, restart the posting in case of any failure, easy captcha entry of sites requiring captcha)
- Customer login to see the report and to use as single place to login into all job sites in future.

The script will post the resume to the sites in this list.

The users need NOT already have account in these job sites. Because the script will automatically create the account before submitting the resume.

And, the customer can login from the customer area just by clicking a link to get into the job sites to make any changes in future.

For most of the sites, the script provides "auto login" facility also. (i-e the customer need not enter username/password, script will take care)

Once after user completes the resume details, Admin has to start the submission process. Because, few sites (around 7 sites) need captcha entry. Dice needs captcha entry two times. (For some sites, the script will handle captcha, but not for all sites)

For these sites our script will show the captcha image in separate page and admin needs to enter the captcha code in the text box.

Admin panel is having options to handle these things. (We can uncheck some sites, and then we can submit them again separately. The admin panel is having Stop/restart options also)

And, buy this script only if you are having proper plans for doing maintenance of this script. Because some jobsites will change their design frequently. So, we need to make relevant changes in our script also.

Let me know if you have any questions. And, you can contact me ( with your Offer price for buying this Script. I am planning to sell this script at very low price for few days as part my latest decision to improve the quality of this script.

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