Sunday, March 6, 2011

Microsoft redirects its unused domains to

Today I have noticed strange behaviour of Microsoft's Bing.

When I searched "pc pal" in Google, was shown after

I was taken into, when I clicked the in the Google result page.

First time I am seeing this kind of redirection. So, I had done more analysis about this behaviour.

From whois lookup, I came to know that this domain is owned by Microsoft. So, it looks like Microsoft is using its unused domains for promoting Bing. And, interestingly I have noticed "Buy Now" link for this domain in the whois page. I was surprised to know that Microsoft is selling its domain.

I would like to know whether only Microsoft/Bing do this kind of redirection or whether Google also will do such a redirection. If you have noticed this kind of redirection in Google, let me know.

And, I have noticed few other things also.

1. Bing is NOT showing the in its results, whereas Google shows it.
2. Google Shows without any description in the result page. But normally Google used to show the description of the page where it is getting redirected.
3. Bing just shows the meta description (Computer and Laptop Repairs for home and office) of as search result snippet. But Google shows more relevant snippet (Or maybe you need a laptop repair or help in setting up a new PC or wireless network, for example? If the answer is YES then you need PC PAL! ...).
This snippet is more appropriate for the which is a on-site computer support providing company.
It clearly shows the reason why Google leads the Search Industry.

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ECommerce Web Development said...

I think bing is coming on top of yahoo, there are more visitors to bing compare to yahoo also the displayed results are genuine when we search for a keyword.

platonic said...

Bing is on the top of search.

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