Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google shows Special animated Doodle to celebrate 200th Birthday of Robert Bunsen

Google is showing Special animated Doodle to celebrate 200th Birthday of Robert Bunsen,the German scientist who developed the Bunsen burner.

Bunsen burner is the laboratory gas burner used by generations of schoolchildren in science lessons.

Google's animated Doodle shows a flame changing colour from blue to purple as a multicoloured chemicals bubble in a series of pots and test tubes while steam flies out of a coffee pot.

Robert Wilhelm Eberhard Bunsen was born on March 31, 1811 in Gottingen, Germany.

He investigated emission spectra of heated elements, and he discovered caesium and rubidium  also .

He is a pioneer in PhotoChemistry also.

Bunsen was one of the most universally admired scientists of his generation. He was a master teacher, devoted to his students.

He never got a patent, despite the fact that his new battery and new laboratory burner would surely have brought him great wealth. And, he never married
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1 comment:

Testing said...

The Color and Brightness of the Flame is changing According to the mouse movement.
We can see Yellow,Orange,Red,Purple,Royal Blue and Sky Blue...
If we move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen the brightness of the flame will be decreased.
If we move the pointer to the up side of the screen brightness is increasing.
Amazing work.

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