Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rank Checker script is enhanced by adding PDF report and Keyword import features.

We have added few more new features to our search engine keyword position finder script.

Now multiple keywords can be added in three difference ways. i-e We can import the multiple keywords from text/csv file, or we can enter multiple keywords in separate lines in a text area or we can enter multiple keywords one by one thro' dynamically created text boxes as usual.

And, the results can be exported as pdf report.

You can see the demo here and you can use it for doing your SEO activities.
If you are interested to buy this script refer this page.
We are planning to develop this script further to store the position of keywords daily to show the Trends details in a Graph using GDlibrary.
i-e The flow will be something similar to below mentioned.
- The user needs to enter keywords and the URL.
- A cron job will be called to find the keywords position details and store it in DB.
-The user can see the position details at any time in a graph for the keywords. (i-e weekly, one month, between two dates, etc)
If you have any other suggestions to improve this tool you can share it thro' the comments.

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