Sunday, June 5, 2011

Google Custom Search for TheGreatQuotes.Com

The Great Quotes Website is having lot of motivational Quotes in both text format and picture format. They are arranged in various categories and listed Author name wise also. We have provided search box for searching these Quotes. Apart from these Quotes, we publish some blog posts also. For searching these blog post we have provided the built-in wordpress search box.
I wanted to have single search box to allow the users to search both the custom developed Quotes data and the wordpress blog posts. After some analysis, I had decided that Google custom search will be appropriate solution.

So, We have added Google Custom Search for the Great Quotes Website.

 Apart from adding the Google Custom Search box, I have added Banner ads for and also.  Let me know if you face any page loading performance issue due to these newly added banners. And, I added these banners in this blog and in our new web development learning website also.

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