Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Twitter Application is added with New features such as Great Quotes Tweets and Multiple Twitter Accounts switching option

We had lot of new features to our Twitter application.

Now you can easily switch between any of your multiple Twitter accounts easily. And, you can see the Timeline and Mentions of any Account without doing login and logouts.

And, you can use Direct Message for any of the multiple Twitter accounts.

Similar to Twitter web interface, you can Reply and Retweet for any Tweet in Timeline and Mention.

And, you can do it for any Tweet in Timeline/Mention of any Twitter Account.

And, we have added "Great Quotes" Tweet option also.
Just by clicking ‘Great Quotes’ link from left side menu box you can enable "Great Quotes" feature which will automatically send Great Quotes as tweets to your added accounts.

The default time gap is 60 min. You can change it for individual accounts at any time. And, you need not add the tweets manually. We have set of predefined Quotes selected from Great Quotes Site.

I believe all the predefined Quotes will help you to get more followers. Anyway, if you want to have more control over the Quotes/tweets, you can always use our AutoTweet feature.

i-e You can get more followers to your multiple Twitter accounts just by doing simple click one time to enable "Great Quotes" in our Free Twitter application.

Let me know if you have any questions about our new features.

And, you can buy the source code of this script. Anyway, you can freely use all the features of this application in our server.

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