Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now we can see the List of Topics and List of Authors in TheGreatQuotes.Com

Recently we had launched an Inspiring and Motivational Quotes Site

We have added lot of features such as sharing thro' email, facebook and Twitter, ability for marking favorite quotes and Quotes search features.

And, we made this Great Quotes Site SEO friendly and started adding lot of Quotes in various Topics. We are adding both Text Quotes and Picture(Image) Quotes.

Today we added Two new pages to this Great Quotes website.

One page is for listing the Authors of the Great Quotes.

In this Authors page, we can see the list of Authors and two icons near each Author name. Clicking on the First icon () will show the list of Quotes said by that particular Author in Text format.

The next Icon () will show the list of Quotes said by that particular Author in Image/Picture format.

The other page is for listing various Topics available in the Great Quotes site.

This one is also having two icons, one for showing Text Quotes and another for showing Image Quotes on that particular Topic.

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It's good website, so many useful things I found here. Thanks for sharing. I like it so much..

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