Thursday, June 16, 2011

Web Hosting for our Scripts

We are selling many products including Time Sheet Script, SEO scripts, Resume posting Scrips and Twitter Scripts.

Almost all the scripts are developed using php and mysql.

And, we are keeping low price for these scripts. So, many people are showing interest to buy our scripts. But many of them hesitate as our scripts need be hosted in web server.

Many of them are thinking that hosting a web site will cost more and it will require some technical knowledge.

But it is not true.

Hosting is inexpensive. Even you can get lot of free hosting services. (But don't use the free hosting if you have long term plans for your website)

And, you can get lot of inexpensive hosting providers such as HostGator.

Based on my experience, HostGator is reliable and it will be providing high level of support. Uptime of server is really good.

HostGator provides shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server.

Shared hosting is having various plans such as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business plan.

For hosting our Scripts you can choose the Baby plan.

HostGator Babyplan can be used for hosting unlimited domains, and it can have unlimited subdomains unlimited mySQL databases, unlimited FTP Accounts, and unlimited Email Accounts.
You can have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited diskspace.
And, provides 99.9% server Uptime Guarantee. Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel will be provided.

So, you can have lot of websites without spending much using this plan.

Currently we are hosting all our websites (Around 20) using single HostGator Baby plan.

This plan has starting price of $6.36 per month. It will be reduced further if you use Discount codes.

You can use Coupon code QUALITYPOINTHG to get $9.94 OFF, or you can use QUALITYPOINT25 to get 25% OFF for  Host Gator Hosting.

We can help to install our scripts in your server. So, you can start buying our scripts without any hesitation.

Since these scripts are developed by our own Team, we can do any further enhancements or custom changes for reasonable cost.

If you still want to check with other developers to get the competitive price you can visit the

Let me know if you have any questions about our products.

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