Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google is developing WDYL.com (What do you Love?) for promoting Google products

It seems Google is developing an interesting website for promoting its products.

This site is WDYL.Com with the Title "What do you Love?".

Remember to include www before the wdyl.com, otherwise we will be getting "404 page not found" error.

The search result screen is showing search result from various Google products.
And, the results are arranged in attractive way.

It looks like Google is going to use this WDYL site for promoting its products such as Picasa, Google News, Google books, Google product search, Google groups, Google translate, Google Earth, Google blogger, gmail, Google image search, Google calendar and YouTube.

When I tried to search QualityPoint, WDYL showed some relevant results and it showed some irrelevant results also. Obviously it is difficult to get relevant results in all Google products for most of the search words. So, the WDYL site will be more useful for promoting Google products among beginners. And, it can be used as a bookmarking for various Google products. Apart from this promotion and bookmarking, this WDYL may not add any additional value for the users.

Note that few days back, I had announced about OnePass for accessing all the QualityPoint products.
It seems Google's WDYL is something similar to our OnePass.

Since Google is planning to use WDYL for promoting the Google products, I think our onepass approach will be helpful to promote our products and websites. So, I am planning to focus more on promoting our OnePass. I will be giving PR3 link for any one who includes link for our onePass site in their blog/site.

Since we are having good experience in php cURL, I think we can implement WDYL like promotion plan in our OnePass site.

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CooperJal said...

I think all major website companies are developing and using somethin similar to WDYL.

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