Monday, June 27, 2011

Google has updated ToolBar Page Rank

Google has updated the Tool Bar Page Rank values of the web pages. It seems this update is coming after long time period (around 6 months).

So, It looks like Google is reducing the priority/importance of this Tool bar page rank.

Anyway, most of the website sales/estimation is happening based on this Page rank only. So, this page rank updates get some significance.

Few of our new websites also got good page rank within very short time period.

Our Christmas site, Great Quotes Site, and Best Jobs site got PR3.

Our primary site got PR 5.

Our iphone news site, and Web development learning site got PR 2.

Since, most of our new sites got Google Page rank, it will be useful for selling them easily. i-e The potential buyer can easily understand the hard work done by our SEO Team just by seeing the Page Rank.

Interestingly, Page rank of this blog ( got reduced from 4 to 3.

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