Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flippa Auction for selling TimeSheet website.

Few days back I had mentioned about our New website FreeOnlineTimeSheet.com.

Now, I have listed this site for sales thro' Flippa Auction with very low BIN price.

This site FreeOnlineTimeSheet.Com hosts SaaS based Time Sheet Application.
The companies and individuals can use this site for freely using the online time sheet
According to Estibot, the domain name value itself is $320 USD.
SEMRush shows the CPC as $4.91

So, the potential buyer can easily earn good income by showing advertisements in this site and/or by using affiliate links

And, note that this site is developed using our own timesheet script, so you need NOT make any yearly license fees for using the timesheet script.

This site provides various ways to earn money. You can earn using adSense as the CPC is high. And, you can earn by doing affiliate marketing of timesheet products.  Instead of keeping everything free, you can earn by making some part of the service as premium/paid service by making some small code changes.

If you are interested you buy this site, you can participate in this Flippa Auction

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