Wednesday, August 3, 2011

TimeSheet version 3.1.1 is available now.

We have released new version of our Timesheet. This new version is released to fix few bugs in the previous release and to improve look and feel of the UI.

This latest version (v3.1.1) is having below updates.

-- Added more styles.
-- After successfully installed this script send mail to site admin about login url and site admin details.
-- No need to update siteadmin email and browser title in anywhere. If you want to change those things open 'config.php' file and change.
-- Fixed some issues on previous version and altered 'login' table too.
-- Highlighting/selecting menu items based on viewing current page.
-- Only one header, footer (header.php, footer.php) file for changing menu details, logo and footer details.
-- Updated site admin files for displaying country too while approving that user.

We have updated the FAQ section also.

I welcome your feedback about this new version.

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