Sunday, August 28, 2011

QTPBook.Com for Learning Software Testing and QTP Automation

Initially I used this blog "" for sharing my knowledge and experience about Software Testing and QTP Automation. And, I released an eBook by compiling the QA related contents of this blog.

We are selling the  QTP eBook for more than a year. It is the best selling product among our products. The kindle edition is also selling good. You may refer the Amazon Best Seller Rank in various categories such as Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Reference > Education > Test Guides - Graduate & Professional > Professional and Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Education > Education Theory > Assessment

 Right now I am selling the eBook for $12 only. I think it is low comparing to other similar ebooks. But still I am receiving many emails asking me to send the eBook for free as they  couldn't afford this $12 payment. Since mostly Job Seekers are requiring this eBook, I believe their request is valid. So, Instead of increasing the price, I thought of doing some workaround to get additional income from this eBook while still allowing the people to get the content free.

I put all the contents of the eBook in and added AdSense Ads. So, the people can freely read this eBook content in while I am earning from AdSense Ads.

Anyway, people who don't want to get the Ads can still buy the eBook just by paying $12.

I am working on to enhance this by adding lot of new stuff apart from putting content of our ebook. Right now, I added QTP Jobs and Testing News section. Still planning to improve it further. And, you can share your suggestions for improving this site.

You can start using this QTP Book Site.

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