Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zuckerberg Media - A new Social Media Firm from Randi Zuckerberg (Previously "RtoZ Media" / "R to Z Studios")

I had written lot of blog posts explaining the fast growth of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

A new Social media Firm named as "RtoZ Media" is getting started.

It will be started by Randi Zuckerberg who is the sister of Facebook CEO and Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

She had resigned from Facebook for starting this new firm "RtoZ Media". She was working as Director of Marketing at Facebook.

Randi Zuckerberg's this decision is getting various comments. Find below some of them.

"Jump ship before it sinks"

"Facebook is the new Myspace"

What do you think about her decision?

RtoZ Media Business Card

RtoZ Media Logo

Updates on September 28
Till today, there is no significant news about RtoZ Media. Even there were NOT able to bring their website But, Randi Zuckerberg may do something to promote her RtoZ media. Because she was able to achieve great success with "Facebook Live" when she was working with Facebook. So, I think she will not fail abruptly. She may try something to make to successful. What do you think about the future of RtoZ Media? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

Updates on December 3rd

It seems Randi has started taking some steps to promote RtoZ Media. Recently She had arranged contests to promote #r2z twitter hash tag. She is conducting programs like “Do you want to meet Randi Zuckerberg?” in schools and colleges.

Updates on January 22nd , 2012
A Startup "Unified" has informed that Randi Zuckerberg's "R to Z Media" is one of their Customers of their newly launched "Social Operating Platform (SOP)"

Updates on January 27th , 2012
 Randi Zuckerberg launched "Social Media Syndicate" to coordinate the most influential individual publishers to generate a mass social mobilization for eradicating HIV (AIDS). All the press releases about this announcement show "R to Z Studios"as Randi's Company name. It is not clear whether it is typo in the press release or Randi is going to change her company name as "R to Z Studios" as  most of the people didn't like the name "RtoZ Media". Still the name "R to Z Studios" or "RtoZ Studios" is NOT much different from the name "R to Z Media". What do you say? You can share your thoughts thro' the comments.

Updates on February 22nd, 2012
It is confirmed that Randi Zuckerberg had changed her company name  from "R to Z Media" to "R to Z Studios".Find below the logo of "R to Z Studios". This Logo was getting displayed in the Home page of RtoZ Studios website.

It seems Erin Kanaley Famularo will take Production Director role in "R to Z Studios". And, Randi Zuckerberg will be the CEO of the  R to Z Studios.

Updates on April 5th, 2012

Randi Zuckerberg and Bravo Team up for "Silicon Valley" Reality Show.

Updates on August 27th, 2012

Randi Zuckerberg had again changed her company name to "Zuckerberg Media".

Watch below the Video about Zuckerberg Media.

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