Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Heello Id is rajamanickam

Few days back Randi Zuckerberg had created news about starting new social media firm RtoZ media. But it seems she is going to Act in Films instead of focusing on her social media start-up.

But, Naoh Everett had started his own social media site called as Heello.

I have created an account in this new Social media site Heelo. My Hello Id is rajamanickam. Let us see how it is going... I have developed a website Heello.Biz for giving news about Heello and/or for developing business applications, similar to our Twitter Tools for business.

It seems Naoh Everett had created this Twitter Challenger as Twitter was becoming competitor to Naoh Everett by introducing photo uploading feature which avoids the need for having third-party tools such as TwitPic for sending photos/pictures thro' Twitter.

And, apart from the photo uploading feature, Twitter is introducing two more features also to improve the user experience.

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