Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Started Flippa Auction for selling our Christmas site, Twitter Tools site and OnePass site.

In my previous post I had mentioned about our Christmas website.

If you are interested to buy this PR3 Christmas site you can refer this Flippa Auction.

And, I have relisted our OnePass site also, because the previous listing didn't meet the reserve. So, I have relisted it after reducing the reserve price. And, especially I reduced BIN (Buy it Now) price too. So, if you want to own this onepass site you can join this Flippa Auction. Note that SEMRush has valued the SE Traffic price as $341 USD per month for this site.

And, I re-listed Twitter Tools site also. You can see the very low BIN (Buy It Now) price for this site in this Flippa Auction.

I am selling these sites with very low price, as we plan to start lot of new sites.

You can make use of this rare opportunity.

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