Monday, August 15, 2011

Websites Sales with Offer price - Christmas Site, OnePass Site and TwitterTools Site.

We are developing websites SEO friendly and we choose the websites based on the demand, CPC, competition and Search volume. And, we used to promote our sites thro' Social Media and by doing white hat SEO.

Since we have started creating/promoting new set of sites, I am planning to make quick sales of our previously developed sites at reduced price.

Find below few of the sites. If you are interested to buy these sites contact me ( before some one else use this opportunity.


Currently I am actively trying to sell our Christmas related site "TheChristmas.Info" as the Christmas is approaching.

We developed this site SEO friendly, and added more than 125 blog posts. Apart from these posts, we added RSS/JS script for showing latest Christmas news and for showing Christmas stories dynamically.

It is having Google pagerank 3 and many inner pages are also having google page rank.
We are doing blog commenting, social media submission and article submission for promoting this site.
So, this site started getting many inbound links, and it started getting organic traffic for some keywords such as "christmas crib"
If  you refer Google Trends, and keyword tool, you can understand the huge potential for this Christmas related site.
If you are interested to buy this valuable site, you can buy it by paying $340 USD only. You can visit the site at "TheChristmas.Info"

And, I plan to start selling lot of other sites also. If you are interested you can refer this sales to your friends/business circle who may be interested in investing in websites.


For example, I can sell our OnePass.Biz site for around $490 USD.  Note that according to  SEMRush,  monthly SE traffic price for this site is $341. Initially I registered this site for developing an application for doing flight search using php-curl. But currently I am engaged in lot of other works. So, I asked our Team to just make it as business directory to list business related websites.

Find below key features of this OnePass site.

  • According to SEMRush CPC for "onepass" is good.(i-e $1.11) and monthly SE traffic price for the site OnePass.Biz is $341.
  • Appearing in First Page of  Yahoo and Bing for the keyword "OnePass. (Few days back it appeared in first page of Google too)
  • Having Google Page rank 1
  • As of now, it is appearing  5th position in yahoo/bing for the keyword "onepass"
  • It is having more than 25 posts which are created by collecting best sites in various business categories.
  • And, we are trying to create a single page for accessing all important sites. It may go Viral.
  • Developed SEO friendly.
  • Started doing lot of SEO promotion
  • According to Google keyword tool, "Onepass" is having good search volume (Broad- 135,000 , Exact -12,100)
  • Estibot domain value itself is $45 USD
  • Right now, this site is having few posts providing useful links for business. Anyway, the site buyer can use it for giving news about Google onepass which will become popular in future. Or, they can post about Travel related stuff.

Similarly,  I can sell our TwitterTools.Biz site just for $97 USD.

This site is loaded with many Traffic generating Twitter Tools Scripts
You can try all the features in this site TwitterTools.Biz to realize the real potential of this site.
In brief, these Twitter Tools scripts help to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily to bring targeted Traffic to any website.
Switching between multiple accounts is very easy, and even you need NOT switch between accounts for sending same tweet to multiple accounts using "MultiPost".
It is having most of the features (timeline, @mention, retweet, Quoted retweet, DM)  of Twitter in addition to providing AutoTweet and Multipost features.
And, bulk loading options are available to load lot of  tweets and many Twitter accounts easily from csv files.
Apart from these Twitter Tools, this site is loaded with  Quiz , memory Game and Social Bookmarking.  All these modules are having complete Admin Screens to manage them easily. And, NewsBot will submit social media news automatically and the submitted news will be tweeted automatically.
Estibot domain value itself is $30USD. And, "Twitter Tools" is having good search volume (Broad match- 40,500 Exact match -9,900)
Just explore the features in this site to understand the potential of this site. You may refer this post to know the growth of Social Media especially Twitter.

TheChristmas.Info - $340 USD

OnePass.Biz -$490 USD

TwitterTools.Biz - $97 USD

Let me know whether you are interested in buying any of these sites.  If you are interested to buy these sites contact me ( before some one else use this opportunity.

And, check with me to know the availability of the site before making the payment.

Note that the price for the Christmas and TwitterTools site are low comparing to the time/effort we spent on developing and promoting them. Similarly the price of is very low comparing to the huge potential of the site.(Refer for this site)

I decided to sell these sites at low price, as I am planning to start an interesting social media tools related project.

Apart from this Offer, you can participate in below Auctions if you want to buy the sites.

PR3 Brandable Job Site Name - Resume Submission script with resales rights
Computer Quiz Site with huge/reliable Question Bank - PR1 Site

And, watch this blog to know about our further websites sales.

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